Amsterdam Aircraft Ground Handler

To further expand our team, we are inviting candidates to apply for the full-time position of Aircraft Ground Handler. Currently, the role is set around safely maneuvering aircraft in and outside JetSupport’s premises, on the apron, or towards the engine run and compass swing areas. As the ground handler, you have a thorough overview of in and outgoing aircraft to facilitate the maintenance process. All whilst ensuring on-time availability and handover of airworthy aircraft to flight crew. JetSupport is looking for applicants to contribute to our mission to provide our customers with maximum aircraft availability. Are you clear, correct, and on time? Reach out to us now.


Type: Full-time

Location: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


The successful candidate has: 

Technical and Operational Ability: 

• Drive and operate towing trucks and other ground equipment.

• Able to communicate with ground control.

• Ensure Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and ground handling procedures are followed.

• In-depth understanding of safety risks within the working environment.

Personal Qualifications:

• Flexible. Capable of working various shift schedules, encompassing weekends and public holidays.

• Holding category B driver’s license.

• Verbal and written communication skills in Dutch and English.

What do we offer? 

Continuous Growth and Development Opportunities: We believe in nurturing our talent – freedom and autonomy are always encouraged. You’ll have access to continuous learning and development.  

Great team and professional leadership: You will be working in an environment that values every worker within a team. We believe that a good team is fuelled by open communication and synergy. 


Do you think you would fit in? 

Send your CV and motivation to or apply directly on our careers page. 

We are committed to creating a diverse environment. We do not discriminate based on age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion or belief, parental and family status, or any other protected characteristic. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment.

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