Garmin G5000 flight deck upgrade

As the sunset of older Navigation Databases fast approaches, JetSupport is keen to raise awareness of a critical upgrade to Honeywell FMS systems

2023 is the year of good resolutions

Is your Citation560XL/XLS facing obsolescence and significant operational costs?

Now is the time to breath new life into your aircraft via the Garmin G5000 flight deck upgrade, which is now EASA/FAA certified.

JetSupport has experience with this exciting upgrade program and would be delighted to discuss the associated options and benefits with you.



The G5000 replaces the Excel/XLS’s Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics with three landscape-oriented flight displays featuring split-screen capability that allows pilots to simultaneously view maps, charts, checklists, terrain avoidance and warning system, traffic collision avoidance system, flight plan information, and weather. These displays also permit the viewing of electronic charts and Garmin SafeTaxi airport diagrams that are georeferenced.

Touchscreen controls serve as the pilot interface to the flight deck and are intended to provide ease of operation and seamless transition between pages.

It reduces pilot workload, increases situational awareness and safety, and makes the aircraft future proof!


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