Where Interns Turn Into Aviation Industry Game Changers

Only together we are capable of reaching our full potential

At JetSupport, we believe in providing opportunities not only for experienced professionals but also for young and passionate talents who are looking to make a difference in the aviation industry. We have always been open to hiring interns and providing them with the necessary training and guidance to help them succeed in their careers.

We have witnessed numerous cases where interns have turned into successful professionals making a significant impact on the aviation industry. One such example is the story of one of our employees, Robert Poppe, who started his journey with JetSupport as an intern and went on to become a valuable member of our team. Robert joined the JetSupport team 10 years ago as a part 66 student, but during the internship period, he showed tremendous potential and a keen interest in the work we do at JetSupport. After completing his internship, Robert continued studying and joined JetSupport on a part-time basis. After successfully finishing his master’s degree in Aerospace engineering, Robert joined us for a full-time position and today he is a vital member of our team, with the position of Research and Development manager. When Robert was asked what he likes the most about his job and JetSupport, he answered – “The diversity of the job and definitely the team and its flexibility to solve issues.”

At JetSupport, one team – one goal is not an empty slogan. We believe that only together we are capable of reaching our full potential – no matter where you are in the organization, it is a team effort. Therefore, every single employee is an essential part of the success of JetSupport.

For example, when Luna van Soest, another one of our employees, was asked what she likes the most about her job at JetSupport, she answered – “It is challenging and the team is working very closely together”. Actually, Luna was an intern herself not that long ago, but after showing extreme dedication, passion, and effort for the work she does, she was offered a position of a Safety Engineer and now is responsible for establishing and implementing a Safety Management System.

In addition to that, our Quality Engineer who also started as an intern at JetSupport, Anthony Buitenweg said – “At JetSupport the job is always different and challenging, but it also gives a lot of flexibility and room for growth.”

At JetSupport, we strive to create a positive and nurturing work environment that allows our employees to grow. Therefore, we are always open not only to great professionals but also to young and innovative talents who are passionate about the aviation industry, who want to improve continuously, and who are not afraid of potential challenges.

If you consider yourself a true dreamchaser and enjoy working in a team, do not hesitate to contact us!