JetSupport’s VR Training

Addressing Challenges, Unlocking Innovation.

Building on the introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) for maintenance professionals, JetSupport has taken a step forward in refining the future of aviation maintenance training. In our earlier efforts, we highlighted how VR can improve the learning process, speed up training, and offer hands-on experience with unforeseen situations. However, recognizing the immense potential of VR, we have also delved into some challenges. Our recent efforts demonstrate our commitment to overcoming these obstacles and improving the effectiveness of VR training.

In a recent research endeavor, to better understand the effectiveness of VR we integrated advanced eye-tracking technology into our training program. This move goes beyond mere effectiveness evaluation, as it collects valuable data on human actions and reactions in both real-world and simulated scenarios. The real-time insights into trainee focus are proving instrumental in direct improvements to training outcomes, experiences, and overall safety.

To achieve a deeper understanding of the learning curve, we explored how the number of VR training sessions correlates with situational awareness and performance levels. By comparing initial and subsequent VR sessions, we’ve gained insights into the optimal training frequency, allowing us to enhance the learning process and efficiency.

In addition, we’ve turned our attention to the fidelity of the VR procedure trainer. Recognizing that VR simulations can sometimes lack the realism and accuracy needed for effective training, we have focused on analyzing and comparing the differences between VR simulations and actual aircraft scenarios. This critical evaluation has allowed us to identify key fidelity aspects essential for an authentic training experience and bridge the gap between virtual and real-world scenarios, ensuring a seamless transition and providing trainees with a truly immersive and impactful learning environment.

Despite current advancements, JetSupport remains dedicated to continually refining our training programs and overcoming challenges through innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as we push the boundaries of what’s possible in aviation maintenance training!