JetSupport and Jet View Join Forces

Introducing JetSupport: On the Fly

JetSupport, a trusted provider of technical support and maintenance solutions for business aviation and special-mission aircraft, is proud to announce the launch of its new project – “JetSupport: On the Fly”,  in collaboration with Jet View. This service marks a significant milestone in the business aviation maintenance industry by offering rapid dispatch of engineers,  parts, and tools to all major business airports within Europe at a moment’s notice.

At the core of this service is JetSupport’s team of certified technicians for all major OEMs. Leveraging their expertise, customers receive tailored assistance, ensuring effective maintenance solutions.

This game-changing project addresses the challenges faced by the industry today, including limited commercial airline connections, the logistical complexities of parts availability in OEM warehouses scattered throughout Europe, and the logistical costs, time, and effort associated with parts supply to AOG locations. Furthermore, it tackles the logistical challenges associated with technician positioning to AOG locations, as well as the response time to new resource requirements during AOG rectification.

With these challenges in mind, “JetSupport: On the Fly” emerges as a vital solution to streamline operations and minimize downtime for aircraft maintenance logistics, providing its customers with unparalleled speed, flexibility, and reliability in resolving AOG situations.

“JetSupport: On the Fly” is now available to business and special-mission aircraft operators across Europe, setting a new standard in aircraft maintenance solutions and reinforcing commitment to providing maximum aircraft availability through continuous innovation.