Le Bourget Airport

Paris here we come!

Paris here we come! With its strategic location next to Paris, Le Bourget Airport is the next stop where JetSupport will offer its services to its customer to help achieve maximum aircraft availability. 

With its main base at Schiphol Airport, JetSupport has developed itself as the multiple OEM maintenance facility covering almost all relevant business jets operated in the world. All in all, with the aim to enhance aircraft availability by offering flexible maintenance solutions tailored to individual needs. 

JetSupport Munich was the first step outside the Netherlands and confirmed that the aircraft availability concept is well recognized and needed outside the perimeters of Amsterdam. With a business jet industry experiencing higher aircraft availability demand than ever, operators are seeking smarter solutions to make more flight hours on their assets than ever before. 

Le Bourget Airport will be the next base where JetSupport Paris will support operators with flexible maintenance solutions tailored to individual needs with one goal, increasing aircraft availability. #OTOG