Upgrade to Honeywell FMS systems

As the sunset of older Navigation Databases fast approaches, JetSupport is keen to raise awareness of a critical upgrade to Honeywell FMS systems

From September 2022 onwards, owners and operators who have not already
upgraded to a minimum of software version 6.1 will lose access to their FMZ-
2000 Navigation Database, thereby rendering the Honeywell FMS unusable!

Upgrade to FMS 6.1 will not only ensure access to the latest Navigation
Database, it can bring other enhancements such as additional approach
capabilities and procedures. It will also facilitate temperature compensation on
LNAV and VNAV approaches for a non-standard (ISA) day. The upgrade will
enable the inclusion of all non-precision approaches and can facilitate LPV
approach capability in some aircraft types. But It should be noted LPV will
typically require additional equipment upgrades or changes.

JetSupport is an authorized service center for Honeywell Avionics and
Mechanical products. We are able to load the required NZ-2000 operating
software on-wing, or perform an upgrade to related equipment on any aircraft
included in our approvals list. This upgrade can be achieved quickly and
efficiently ahead of the critical sunset in September.

Don’t delay, please contact our team at either Sales@jetsupport.nl or +31 20